Report an Incident

A variation of the following language is included in Statements of Work signed by Partner Agencies. Individual statements of work may be slightly different.
KI’s normal office hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday except on state-recognized holidays when the Commonwealth offices are also closed.

To maintain its high availability environment and services, KI’s infrastructure and support staff are on call 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to respond to unplanned outages.

Should the Partner report an incident - or an issue whereby business operations may not proceed using normal activities - KI will troubleshoot, triage, and correct the error in a timely fashion and as defined in the Service Level Agreement.

At a minimum, the Partner will provide the following information to assist KI in troubleshooting and triage of the issue:
  • Date and time of issue
  • If applicable – associated payment information (Payer Name, Amount, Transaction ID, Date, etc.)
  • Description, including error messages if applicable
  • Affected user(s) and contact information for follow-up
  • Expected system behavior / actual system behavior
  • Steps to reproduce
Depending on the issue, KI may also request:
  • Browser version
  • Screen captures
  • URL
  • Network diagnostic data
  • Additional information as needed to diagnose the issue
The Partner and KI will use the following workflow to manage incidents mutually:
  • Partner’s Customers -> Contact Partner Product Owners or Technical Staff
  • Partner Product Owners / Technical Staff -> Contact Support
By email:
Or by phone: 502-875-3733 (during normal business hours)

After hours, high priority, or escalated items can be reported to the Portal Director of Operations or General Manager.

KI will review the incident report and contact Partner if it is determined to be a non-KI issue or if there is a workaround available.
  • If a workaround solution is available, KI will provide the workaround solution to the Partner so that the Partner may resume operations. KI will provide a final resolution for the error at a mutually agreed-upon time in the future.
  • If a workaround solution is not available, or the Partner does not accept the provided workaround, KI may be required to place active development projects on hold and apply resources to resolve the error as quickly as possible. Development will resume on active projects after the Partner confirms resolution of the error; however, delivery dates may be changed. 

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