Create A Page

  1. Login
  2. Click Site Actions
  3. Click Create Page
    1. Enter a title
      1. This will serve as the title of your page and will also show in your navigation by default.
    2. Enter a description
      1. Descriptions will help your search results
    3. URL Name
      1. This will automatically fill in with the name you placed into the Title above. You want the URL Name to be short simple and all lowercase.
    4. Choose the appropriate template
    5. Click Check Spelling
      1. If spelling mistakes are found you will have the option to fix them.
    6. Click Create
  4. Click Submit for Approval or Approve
    1. Based on your workflow and user permissions, you will either see Submit for Approval or ApproveSubmit for Approval will start the workflow. Approve will make the page “live”.
  5. Your new page is live.
    1. You should now see your page as part of the navigation.
  6. You may now add content to your page.

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