Move A Page

  1. Login
  2. Click Site Actions
  3. Click Manage Content and Structure
  4. Find the page you would like to move
    1. All pages will be located in a folder named “Pages”.
    2. Click on the folder’s name to open it.
    3. If your page is in a subsite, find the subsite and click on it to expand it. A subsite is denoted by a “site” icon (site icon). Click on the folder’s name to open it, and then click on the pages folder to find your page.
      1. Once inside your subsite find the “Pages” folder and then locate your page.
  5. Select the page to move by checking the checkbox left of the page
  6. Go up to the tool bar and click on Actions
    1. Click on Move
    2. Select where you would like your page move to
      1. It must be in another “Pages” folder different from the location you are moving.
    3. Click OK
    4. It will perform the move operation, and then redirect you back to the previous site structure page.
    5. In this view, it will show you where you moved the page to. If your moved page is in draft mode you will need to approve it.
    6. Rollover your copied page, and you will notice there is a dropdown menu.
    7. Click once to activate the dropdown, and choose Submit for Approval or Publish.
    8. Once the operation is complete you can navigate back to your website, or click the page name to view it.

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