Edit a Page

  • Login
  • Click Site Actions
  • Click Edit Page
  1. Choose the Edit Content link from any of the editable containers on the page (Agency Left-Nav Content, Agency Main Content, or Agency Relative Content), or in the Page Title field.
  2. Edit containers as needed.
  3. Choose the Spelling option--if spelling mistakes are found you will have the option to fix them.
  • Based on your workflow and user permissions you will choose one of the following options: Submit for Approval, Check In to Share Draft, or Publish your page and make it live.
  • Click Check In to Share Draft
  1. Check In to Share Draft will not Submit the page, but will make it available for other Authors to access prior to Submission (by original or other Authors).
  2. Click Submit for Approval
    1. Submit for approval will start the workflow process where a user with appropriate permissions can approve your page and make it “live”.
    2. Click Publish
      • Publish will make the page “live”.
    3. Your new page is published and “live”
      • You should now see your page as part of the navigation.

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