Add Links to a Page

  • Login
  • Navigate to page in question
  • Click Site Actions
  • Click Edit Page
  • Highlight text that will become the link (to a page or resource)
  • If you would like to
  • Link to another page in your site
    • In the ribbon click Insert > Link > From SharePoint
    • In the Asset Picker, choose the Pages library in the appropriate subsite to the left, then click the name of the page to the right
    • Click OK
  • Link to a website outside your site
    • In the ribbon, click Insert > Link > From Address
      • Enter the address of the site/page in the Address field, leaving the 'Text to display' field blank
  • Once complete, your link should appear clickable and any non-government domain links will have an indicator beside them
  • Publish your page once you're done and be sure to test your links!

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