Add Images to a Page

  • Login
  • Click Site Actions
  • Click Edit Page
    1. Choose the Edit Content link from any of the editable containers on the page (Agency Left-Nav Content, Agency Main Content, or Agency Relative Content).
    2. Place cursor in Editable container at the point where the image is desired.
    3. Select the Insert tab, then choose the Picture drop down and select From SharePoint
    4. Select the image library of choice, then choose the image (double-click)
    5. Once back on the page, with image selected, be sure to fill in the ALT Text field located in the Image toolbar.
    6. You may also elect at this time to apply positioning (float left or right, etc.) as well as Image Styles (border options)
    7. If needed you may also adjust the size of the image and the amount of padding that surrounds it
  • Save and Close, Publish the page (if completed and ready for publication

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