Newsroom- Creating a Press Release

  • Login
    1. If logging in for the first time, please contact to have access established.  You will need to provide your username, agency and level of access you are requesting (author or publisher).  If you do not have a account, please visit our Registration Center.
    • Authors may create press releases, Publishers have the ability to create, edit and publish releases. 
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  1. Click Add Press Release
    1. Enter a Title
      1. This will serve as the title of your press release and will appear in the activity stream.
    2. Enter a Summary
      1. This will appear in the press release listing in your Newsroom. 
  2. Add Content
    1. Add Contact associated with the press release. 
    2. Upload attachments associated with the press release. Note that accepted attachment files include jpg, jpeg, tiff, png, docx, doc or pdf.  You may upload up to 5 attachment with an individual size limit of 1MB or less.
    3. Add any content hyperlinks with the hyperlink button.
  3. Choose the relevant Topics that you would like to associate with the release.  This will allow users of to find your release by topic, as well as agency.
  4. Select the Contact that you would like associated with the release.  If you desire to list multiple contacts, you may add a contact to your newsroom with the names you wish to associate to a release and select that option from the drop down Contact menu or may add multiple contact information in the body of your release.
  5. Click Save for Approval or Approve
    1. Based on your workflow and user permissions, you will either see Submit for Approval or Approve. Submit for Approval will start the workflow. Approve will make the page “live”.
  6. Your press release has now been published.

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